We are a company that through the use of copper aims to integrate technologies for the textile world. We seek to promote a lifestyle based on well-being, health, hygiene and sustainability through quality, functional and comfortable design.


The Copper Company is fully committed to grow with our customers. This leads us into constant innovation, and motivates us to create fabrics that helps improve people´s welfare and benefit.

This commitment with research and leading edge technology has lead us to achieve a series of registered licenses and many more in progress.

Our company´s center is to give economical value to your products, at the same time it satisfies the customer´s needs and lowers your operative costs, helping your company to be competitive with a groundbreaking, technological and differential seal.

Our Santiago de Chile´s facilities has high tech machinery that helps a fast creation of prototypes and developing new products.

With these technologies, we have created antimicrobial inputs that can be incorporated to several products without disturbing the manufacturing process.


For us, innovation is a key part of the environmental challenges that our industry and our planet are facing. That is why we have created a sustainability culture as well as a circular economy. To achieve it, we work with a textile-recycling network, where every product we develop is reprocessed to create new products. By doing this, we reduce the use of raw material at the same time we use less energy and water.


We have dealers in more than seven countries.

Our supply chain has a vertical integration system, giving our customers access to state of the art technology and a consistent quality of our products.

Complete control of the complete world supply chain allows us to innovate in every step of the production cycle, from the design of the fabric until the finished product.

With manufacturing facilities in South America and Asia, we are committed to give our customer groundbreaking solutions, developing multipurpose textiles that gather several features in a single layer, supplying copper´s antibacterial properties with smart and technical fibers as well as nano technological details.