The Copper Company SPA is focused on investigation and development for the textile industry. We develop multipurpose fabrics for dermal use that can be embedded with copper fibers as well as technical and intelligent fibers with a nanotechnological coating. Our multidisciplinary team includes Codelco Lab´s engineers (Codelco´s Investigation Centre), Textile engineers and Textil Cassis S.A.´s know how, a well-known national textile factory, Los Andes University and Alemana Clinic, Texas University and Houston´s infectologists, a Belfast University´s PHD and Santiago University´s chemist specialized on biotechnology and entomologists specialized in mosquitoes and insect culture.

We travel around the world looking for new and exclusive threading for our customers. From fibers, threads and high performance nanotechnological coatings, our fabrics supply is carefully selected according to our customers´ requirements and needs.


Our cloths are designed for the best performance and workability possible, offering a balance between innovation, quality and a number of extra benefits that fit every requirement. It´s main assets are color duration, resistance, easy ironing, fast dry, easy care and durability.

Copper cotton

Technology that mix the practicality and durability of polyester with the natural ease of cotton, at the same time it controls bacterial growth.

Anti-Mosquitoes Copper

Technology that can repel mosquitoes, at the same time it controls bacterial growth.

Luminescent Copper

Technology that makes that provides high visibility to the fabric, providing up to 6 hours of luminescence, at the same time it controls bacterial growth.

Thermal Copper

Technology that acts as a thermal insulator that allows you to keep a stable body temperature, at the same time it controls bacterial growth.

Anti-fluids Copper

Tecnología que evita el paso del agua y de salpicaduras accidentales del fluidos, actuando como un escudo protector de la piel y proliferación de bacterias.



CORFO FUNDING: Santiago de Chile University Investigation Centre

Nano technological procedure studies in our fabrics. A team of Engineers, Chemists, Biotechnologists and Belfast University’s PHD, the nanotechnologist Ruben Bustos. Studies for the creation of a bio functional fabric with micro capsuled vitamin D, in an antibacterial cloth with Copper microfibers.

CORFO FUNDING: Desarrollo Chile

Hand in hand with infectologist Jose Munita, Houston University´s PHD. Studies on antibacterial activity against multi-resistant inpatient organisms on copper microfibers.

SERCOTEC FUNDING: Chilean Entomologists Society, Santiago-Chile

Studies made with entomologist Roberto Trincado. Culex Pipines mosquito´s repellant reaction to copper microfiber and microencapsulated fabrics.