The breakthrough technology adds the ability to repel liquids as it allows excess moisture to vent. Our modern manufacturing process and coating gives protection to both health professionals and their patients against bacteria, mites and fungus at the same time it gives the maximum comfort and profitability.

Towels are knitted with a 75% Cotton and 25% Antibacterial Polycopper, and as result, our product is as highly absorbent as smooth. These towels dry out fast, enhancing its energetic efficiency, while it´s long lasting built holds on perfectly against heavy industrial laundry.

Bed Sheets are made with a Cotton and Antibacterial Polycopper combination. Mattress pads have a mix of Polycotton and Antibacterial Polycopper, with a waterproof sheet on its top. Our Medical Clothes are knitted with a mix of Rayon, Cotton and Antibacterial Polycopper, as well as a liquid repellent coating, with a modern design that fulfills today requirements.

We use high quality combed Cotton that provides both smoothness and strength against heavy laundry. Both the coating and the high-end manufacturing processes guaranty a high performance and original design.

We have developed cloths that can keep their antibacterial power even after being washed hundreds of times, offering breathability and comfort.

TCC offers the market´s higher quality health related clothing.


We offer anti-fungi and anti-mite technology for homes and hotels, ensuring this way a resting experience in a healthy environment.

Our bed sheets and pillowcases have between 200 and 300-thread count. They are specially smooth and wrinkle resistant, knitted with Antibacterial Polycopper threading in a single airflow construction that guarantees comfort and durability.

Each towel is designed to ensure the best possible guest´s experience, and at the same time they help lower your operational costs. Towels are made of 80% Combed Cotton and 20% Polycopper.

Our product range includes a top luxury line, with stylish and technical requirements, and a classic hotel line. We aim to make the top of their class of every product.


The Copper Company´s garments are designed to fit and to function according to environmental and work´s demands; they keep their bactericidal properties, flexibility and comfortability even after several cleansings.

Manufactured with superb durability and quality, our customized first layer and sport t-shirts are designed to endure industrial laundry, improving their work capability.


Our customized fabric and sport focused first layer collection are design to inspire. Our display includes striking textures and characteristics, like thermal technologies, mosquito repellant, luminescence,

breathability, antibacterial as well as specific technical and functional elements according to fashion and sports´ life style requirements.